What is a Jumbo bag? Why should you use Jumbo bags?

Jumbo bag

Jumbo bags are industrial bags made from thickly woven Polypropylene (PP) plastic, coated or uncoated, most commonly used to store goods in large quantities from 500kg – 2 tons (2000kg). Used to store products such as cement, construction materials (sand, gravel), plastic beads, fiberglass, minerals, fertilizers, garbage (waste, scrap)… and some special bags. Specially produced in a clean environment with BRC and FDA certificates approved, meeting standards to serve a number of industries such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, seafood products…

Jumbo bags are often used in the field of exporting goods, storing and transporting large volumes of goods.

Jumbo bags can also be recycled after many uses, jumbo bags can be liquidated or old jumbo bags can be used.

Types of Jumbo bags and uses of Jumbo bags

Glory packaging is designed by its own design and creativity department, with diverse designs and sizes to suit customers’ needs for products and goods. Or customers can send maket so we can produce according to customer requirements. Usually Jumbo bags will have 1 strap, 2 straps, or 4 straps to facilitate moving and loading and unloading goods.

Can be divided into types of Jumbo bags with empty weight such as: 500kg jumbo bag, 800kg jumbo bag, 1 ton jumbo bag, 2 ton jumbo bag… with many different sizes.

Some industries use Jumbo bags in large quantities:

– Agricultural products: Store rice, coffee, rice, flour,…

– Chemicals: Contains cement, powdered chemicals, construction materials, fiberglass, plastic beads, fertilizers…

– Minerals: Contains coal, stone, limestone powder, soil powder, gravel, …

– Animal feed: Contains animal feed, bran, rice flour, fish food,…

– Waste industry: garbage, waste, scrap..

Not only that, Jumbo bags are also used a lot in countries with frequent storms and floods, to prevent dikes and dams from overflowing into residential areas.

Why should you choose Jumbo bags?

Glory park is one of the leading enterprises in the production and distribution of PP packaging in Vietnam with diverse product lines such as: Jumbo bags, Sling packaging, PP bags, outstanding is the production of jumbo packaging. for items: Cement packaging, agricultural product packaging, animal feed packaging, fertilizer packaging, mineral packaging, etc. Glory is considered a reputable unit and has a place in the market. current school.

Why is Glory trusted and chosen by businesses as a partner?

Glory’s products are created in a closed, thorough and seamless process. We are proactive in the source of input materials, spinning, weaving, weaving mono belts and sewing finished products ourselves. Therefore, Glory’s Packaging is always stable in price and good supply capacity, rarely affected. by external factors. This is the outstanding strength of the Glory packaging brand, compared to many packaging businesses in other industries.

Large production scale

Glory has a large production factory, operating continuously with high capacity, so it always ensures orders are on schedule. Glory can meet the requirements of all domestic and foreign customers with high quality products and competitive prices.

Fast delivery

With a team of professional, enthusiastic and reputable staff, we understand the importance of meeting schedules, and so we always work with a strict delivery process with a vehicle system. Sufficient transportation to meet the needs of transporting goods to customers.

Good price

Glory packaging is made from PP material, combined with being proactive in input materials, closed production processes, modern machinery and equipment, reducing human resources, saving production costs, so has very reasonable prices. At Glory, we are committed to providing customers with quality products at the most competitive prices in the market.

Above are detailed introductions to the Jumbo packaging line as well as the reasons you should choose Glory packaging. Hopefully the above useful information will help you choose the right packaging for your product.


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