How to prolong the life of Jumbo bags.

With the development of the economy, production and export activities are increasing, leading to an increasing demand for Jumbo bags from businesses. At that time, many businesses began to learn about the application of Jumbo bags in production activities. In fact, usage must include preservation and increasing the longevity of the packaging to be highly effective. Users should pay attention to the longevity of packaging. Increasing the lifespan and reusing good packaging can limit waste and environmental pollution.

So how to use Jumbo bags safely, prolong life, and bring high efficiency?

Some effects affecting the lifespan of Jumbo bags:

* In the natural environment, under the influence of sunlight, freezing rain, and moldy environments, the durability of the bag will decrease. Therefore, the conditions of the storage warehouse are very important.

* During storage and transportation, high temperatures or rain water can reduce the durability of the bag. This affects the preservation of the product inside.

* Using incorrect load.

* During transportation, be careful not to damage, tear, puncture…


Notes for using Jumbo bags safely and effectively

Jumbo bags are packaging products that are highly appreciated for their durability and quality. However, in the process of using packaging and transporting goods, certain principles must be followed to ensure that bags are used properly, ensuring safety for users and goods and prolonging their lifespan. of the bag. Below are some instructions for using Jumbo bags safely and effectively, making the usage process more convenient.

* During the production process, you should not stand under the bag because it can be very dangerous if you do not use the oblique hanging method.

* Lift all 4 corners of the bag evenly if using a forklift to move it.

* During packaging and transportation, do not let the bags rub against each other. Without a bag, it will be susceptible to scratches and wear, affecting the quality of the goods.

* Do not pull the straps outward or touch the tape or straps of the bag body.

* When using a forklift, be careful to avoid puncturing the Jumbo bag. During the process of loading and lifting goods, avoid letting the bag hook or collide with sharp objects, otherwise the bag will tear and the goods will be damaged.

* Jumbo bags should be kept upright, not tilted.

* Do not drag Jumbo bags on concrete floors. Jumbo bags should be placed on pallet shelves.

* If you use to store items outdoors without cover, you should choose Jumbo bags with lids and tie the mouth of the bag.

To ensure the safety of users and the safety of the bag, during use must comply with the rules as well as technical requirements when using.


The best way to preserve Jumbo bags

Although manufactured from durable,  PP plastic, but Jumbo quality bags also have their own differences. Therefore, when using, pay attention to:

* Use each type of bag for the correct purpose to ensure safety for both the user and the packaging.

* Use Jumbo bags according to the bag’s tonnage. If used in excess of the tonnage, it will lead to damage and difficulty during transportation.

* Although the product is waterproof and anti-oxidant, when using it, avoid storing it in moldy places or in close contact with the outside environment.

* When there is a small gap, it should be treated immediately otherwise it will tear the condom.

* Avoid strong impacts during transportation, otherwise it will damage the bag and affect the quality of the goods inside.

* When not in use, it should be stored carefully and placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

With the information shared above, GloryPack packaging hopes to bring you the experience of using Jumbo bags safely and with high efficiency. If you are in need of using Jumbo bags, please contact us via the information below. We are confident in providing the Jumbo bag solution with the best price and most suitable for your needs.


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