Jumbo bags are industrial bags manufactured from thickly woven Polypropylene (PP) plastic coated or uncoated, most commonly used to store goods in large quantities from 500kg – 2 tons (2000kg).

Jumbo bags have a body structure in 2 forms: square bags and round bags.

* The mouth of the bag with 3 basic designs is the intake manifold jumbo bag, the hooded jumbo bag and the 3-side open jumbo bag.

* Depending on the nature of the product contained and the equipment, the bottom of the bag may have an exhaust pipe or a closed bottom.

The bag is designed flexibly to transport many different product lines such as Cement, building materials Cement, construction materials (sand, gravel), plastic beads, fiberglass, minerals, fertilizers, garbage (waste, scrap… and some special bags are produced in a clean environment with BRC and FDA certificates approved, meets standards to serve industries such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, fishing products…




No materials name Type Specifications quantity (piece) Color
1 Bottom of bag PP 1550D/14×14 01 White or beige yellow
2 Bag mouth PP 1500D/14×14 01 White or beige yellow
3 bag body PP 1600D/14×14/200g 01 White or beige yellow
4 Fastener PP 20mm 01 White or beige yellow
5 Sewing thread PE 1000D/2   White or beige yellow
6 Intake pipe PP 70g/Φ450×520 0.1 White or beige yellow
7 Horizontal lifting belt. PP 70mm:1920 0.2 White or beige yellow


Specifications adjustable according to specific customer requirements.