Production process and outstanding features of Jumbo bags.

What is a Jumbo bag and what is it used for? Why is it so popular? The article below will provide you with all the basic information about Jumbo bags.

What are Jumbo bags?

Jumbo bags are industrial bags made from thickly woven Polypropylene (PP) plastic, coated or uncoated, most commonly used to store goods in large quantities from 500kg – 2 tons (2000kg).

There are many types of Jumbo bags manufactured to be suitable for containing goods with different loads.

Jumbo bags are very popular because they come in many sizes from compact to large to suit high flexibility for each type of product, can be portable or used with forklifts or cranes.

Jumbo bag production process.

A produced Jumbo bag must go through the following stages:

  • Creating fibers: pure PP plastic granules, calcium carbonate, UV inhibitors and other additives are melted to form fibers.

Create a thread to hold and mount the thread

  • Weaving: PP yarn is put on the loom and woven into large pieces of fabric.
  • Woven belt: The belt of the Jumbo bag is made from mono, which is a common material. The belt fabric is extremely durable and sturdy.
  • Coated: Depending on customer requirements, Jumbo bags can be coated or uncoated. The inner PP film layer reduces air flow, is moisture-proof and dust-proof, suitable for food containers,
  • Cut – print: Jumbo bags are cut to predetermined sizes. Customers can request to print logos and product information on the packaging to increase product recognition.
  • Sewing: The cut fabric is sewn together to form a complete bag.
  • Folding: A 500kg- 2000kg Jumbo bag is quite large in size, so the manufacturer must blow out the air inside and fold the bag to facilitate arrangement and transportation.

What are the characteristics of Jumbo bags?

Jumbo bags possess all the outstanding features of a standard FIBC bag

* High durability

PP plastic beads – the main raw material for making Jumbo bags are virgin plastic beads with extremely high durability. After weaving, the fabric will be tested for durability using a UV tester to measure durability after use.

* Outstanding waterproof and dustproof

Jumbo bags are made from tightly woven PP fabric so they are extremely waterproof, but not completely waterproof. That’s why people add a layer of film or sew a PE lining inside to store items such as dry goods and fine powders.

* Safe load

For each type of product, Jumbo bags with safe tonnage and safe tonnage can be produced

* Can be reused for Jumbo bags

There are different safety indexes. For example, a 500kg bag has an SF safety factor of 5:1 or higher, so users can completely reuse it for the next time. The ability to reuse allows businesses to save costs as well as protect the environment.

What items are Jumbo bags suitable for?

Jumbo bags are suitable for storing and transporting items with specific densities such as the following:

Industrial products: Cement, powdered chemicals, construction materials, fiberglass, plastic billets, plastic granules, shredded plastic, coal, aluminum scrap, chemicals, fertilizers…

* Animal feed, animal feed: soybean meal, corn kernels, fish meal

* Agricultural products: pepper, rice, beans, seeds, flour, …

* Waste industry: garbage, waste, scrap..

* Minerals: Contains coal, stone, limestone powder, soil powder, gravel, …

Where should I buy Jumbo bags?

Thanks to its high flexibility, Jumbo bags are very sought after in the market. However, not all Jumbo bags on the market guarantee quality. To ensure goods safety, businesses should choose high quality Jumbo bags from reputable manufacturers.

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