” Values ​​create the GLORYPACK brand “




Glory is always proud to be a packaging supplier for many large domestic enterprises and export to international markets. With top quality and most competitive prices in packaging products with rich and diverse designs. Along with quick delivery time to bring useful values ​​to customers.


* For customers:

Glory always believes that professionalism and responsibility in our working process will make customers satisfied. Taking product quality and customer benefits as the focus is our top criteria.

* For Human:

We have a team of workers and employees who are professional, friendly, enthusiastic, well-trained, and constantly learning to improve their capacity. The 24/7 support team is enthusiastic and attentive. Young, creative and highly qualified consultants are always dedicated to bringing satisfaction to customers.

* For products and work processes.

With a strict control process from input materials to each production stage, we always find the best solution to protect products, store and transport, always have the most optimal solution for cost.


Glory is committed to bringing customers the best products in terms of quality, features and design. Best price. Committed to fastest delivery and always put “credibility” first.