GLORYPACK is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of packaging such as: JUMBO bags, SLING bags, PP bags, Container bags, MONO belts, PP belts… GLORYPACK’s products meet high quality standards with many different specifications and types, provided for all industries such as: Cement, Construction, Chemicals, Stone Powder, Waste, Food, Agriculture… in the whole domestic market and exported to some countries..

With many years’ experience and large annual capacity, our products meet all requirements of customers in the global market. We have obtained ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, ISO 14001-2015 certifications and have exported our products to many countries such as: Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc


Values create the brand GLORYPACK



“Quality” is always the top criterion that Glorypack aims to. Our products are printed through:
Modern production process.
Professional and skilled staff.
Before reaching the customer, there will always be a rigorous inspection of the design and quality to ensure that the goods will not burst / break when transporting or preserving the goods.



Everyone wants their products to be beautiful and impressive in the eyes of consumers. Understanding this, GLORYPACK will accompany you with:
Enthusiastic consultants.
Young, creative designer.
Offset printing technology, gravure printing on paper, plastic … with modern equipment ensures sharpness for images as well as print color quality.



The progress of packaging production goes hand in hand with the goods business plan and directly affects the business performance of your business. Therefore, GLORYPACK commits to:
The product is “out of the oven” at the desired time.
Fast but quality is never a factor to be ignored.
Accompanying customers throughout the journey to promote the brand by packaging.



The trust and support from customers is the basis for our strong development. Therefore, GLORYPACK will always:
There is a warranty policy throughout for the products manufactured by us.
Incentives, after-sales for potential customers.
Intimate gifts and wishes sent to your units and businesses on the occasion of major holidays.


Sale Manager
Ms. Le Thuy
Tel/Zalo/whatsapp: +84-989290803
Email: mayle@glorypack.com.vn

Founder and CEO
Ms Luu Thanh Hai (Helen)
Tel: +84-972195188
Email: thanhhai@glorypack.com.vn

Chief Business Development Officer
Ms Tracy
Tel/Zalo/whatsapp: +84-913003212
wechat/Kakaotalk: +84-913003212

Email: tracy.nguyen@glorypack.com.vn